id you know that more than 70% of men can’t answer this question?
What’s worse is that most women can’t either.

So with this in mind is it any wonder you find yourself not being able to get through to your girl and do or say the things that will get you back together?

Or worse… doing the things that push her further away?

I touched upon this matter earlier in a report on page 3 where I wrote,

“…avoiding crucial mistakes while attempting to get an ex-girlfriend back is just as important –
if not more important – as taking the right approach.”

Well now I’m going to let you in on a little *secret*.
This is something I consider to be the SECOND MOST IMPORTANT factor in getting your girlfriend back:

*** Never listen to what a woman says…
Watch what she does instead

Now I could write a whole book on that topic but in the mean time, let me give you a little more insight into that statement.

Everything that’s going on in your breakup right now is the result of mixed signals. For example, has she told you she still loves you?

What does this do to you? It gets your hopes up and gets you thinking there’s a good chance you’ll be together again. But when you try to make amends she hits you with a bunch of reasons why it’s better to remain friends.

The harder you try, the more she pulls away.

But if you could just “read between the lines” you would see that what’s really happening is that she loves and wants to be with the person she met in the first place – not the person this breakup has led you to become.

So what’s the solution here?

It’s to get yourself back in the same shape as when you first met her.

Think about it? Were you thinking and acting like this on your first dates? Didn’t think so…

Now this requires you to step back from your situation, look at it from a realistic point of view and then just put the pieces of the puzzle together:

* What were you like before you got together on adultfrienedfinder?
* How did you change during the relationship?
* What has this breakup ultimately turned you into?

Taking the time to really think about and answer those questions and then taking actions to correct the obvious mistakes you made on your part is a crucial step to getting her back.

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