Eventually the un-moderated ASF became overwhelmed with too many messages, spam and flames. Ray Gordon, another self proclaimed dating guru, was a large contributor to the flames and spam on the group.

In order to moderate discussion, the “Learn the Skills Corporation” created a moderated alternative known as “Moderated ASF” (mASF) and Ray Gordon was banned. A guy by the name of “formhandle” took over the running of this group.

Ross had had a long run as the leading voice of the community, but from around 2000 onwards other guys in the community were coming forward as alternative teachers or gurus. Ross gradually lost his status as the main guru as different theories and competing methods emerged.

Some of the respected seduction tips, methods, theories, instructions how to use thrusting dildo were collected together into what was called the “Lay Guide” which was really just a collection of posts from the various top guys of the time such as Mystery, Ross, Manic high, Grand Master Flash, Nathan and so on. The “Lay Guide” in more recent years even became a published book. It was good for what it was for the time but is a little dated in its explanation of social dynamics now.

Next an ex-student of Ross’, David DeAngelo, started teaching his own style. Allegedly Ross tried to steal David’s girlfriend of the time and they subsequently fell out over it. Neither of them to this day will confirm or deny what actually happened, suffice to say David broke away from Ross and created his own school called “Double Your Dating”.

David DeAngelo’s approach was a lot more politically correct than Ross’ and was able to penetrate into more mainstream media. Ross never really tried to angle his approach so he could reach a wider more mainstream media in the way David has over the years.

Ross has drifted further and further away from the community and hasn’t been present at any the large scale conventions, such as the Cliff’s List ones, for the last few years. This may in some part be due to the fact that he sees all other styles other than his own as copies of his original theories and as such, inferior to his own. So much so he was nicknamed “mine99” for claiming too often that he had already developed theories during his 1999 conference – the joke here being that whatever new theory came out, Ross would claim it as his own and reference his conference of 1999.

Without doubt Ross was, and always will be the Godfather of seduction and the seduction community. Without him there would have been no secret community learning how to meet women on adultfrienedfinder and we would not be as advanced as we are in the understanding of social dynamics.

Much of Ross’ terminology and general ideology is still in use even though he has fallen out of general favour.

Another man to come forward was a Canadian going by the name of Mystery. Mystery’s style came through an understanding of social skills based upon his performances as a magician. Mystery’s style was originally called FMAC, Find, Meet, Attract, Close but later evolved the name The Mystery Method.

Many of the terms still used by the community like “set” and “opener” are taken from terms magicians use and introduced by Mystery.

Mystery method didn’t use the NLP patterns as in Ross’s SS and for some seemed more natural and less manipulative of women.

Mystery’s approach became popular and he was the first person to take students out “in field” (a community term) into night clubs to demonstrate his own skills and critique his students in what are called “boot camps” or “workshops”.

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