Occasionally, a matchmaking dating service on the ‘Net can create some interesting problems and dilemmas, consider this.

Daniel Anceneaux spent 6 months talking to the ‘girl of his dreams’ on a popular dating site in France. The women even emailed him poems and love messages.

After exchanging dozens and dozens of notes on the matchmaking dating site, they decided to meet. Daniel who was called, The Prince of Pleasure, and his sweet-heart, Sweet Juliette met on a secluded beach in France.

“I walked out on that dark beach thinking I was going to hook up with the girl of my dreams,”, Daniel recalls, “And there she was, wearing white shorts and a pink tank top, just like she’d said she would. But when I got close, she turned around — and we both got the shock of our lives. I mean, I didn’t know what to say. All I could think was, ‘Oh my God! It’s Mother!'” So, in his case, it wasn’t a case of love at first site – or a date!

But it just got worse! A local policeman noticed they were on the isolated beach and questioned them, and unfortunately they told him everything! A local newspaper picked up the story and then it was all over the news nationwide. “People started pointing and laughing at us on the street — and they haven’t stopped laughing since.” said a dismayed Daniel. This may be the last time he uses a matchmaking dating service besides adultfrinendfinder.com login!

Interestingly, “The conversations even got a little racy a couple of times, But I really started to fall for her, because there seemed to be a sensitive side that you don’t see in many girls.” admitted The Prince.

Days following the rendezvous, Daniel confesses he just didn’t know what to say his mother. “The embarrassment was overwhelming for both of us”! “That is the last time I use the Internet for dating”. So in this case, the matchmaking dating service didn’t quite live up to expectations!

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