How To Cure Those Stubborn Stains… err, Dames

This is a strategy which I use to re frame and redirect the situation after you offer a chick the opportunity to spend time with you and she demonstrates bad taste by saying “no”. First, you will open with “Look, I know that a lot of OTHER (gesture away from yourself) guys ask you out pretty regularly.”

The True Value Of Looks

The problem with GUY THINKING is, we use comparative-logic. That means, in order to analyze something, we generally draw comparisons to something more familiar to us, in order to better comprehend the situation at hand.

Ever found yourself taking a longer-route while driving somewhere, simply because you preferred to go by ways of a street that you were familiar with?

What Women Want

Singles Dating: What Women Want

Single women dating online and off usually know exactly what they’re looking for in single men — whether they’re looking to find a date; meet friends; find single guys for romance; find men for a serious relationship; or find a soul mate. But each woman is different and there is an infinite amount of characteristics that could be considered attractive when seeking men at web dating services and in the usual offline circles.

Matchmaking Dating Service

Occasionally, a matchmaking dating service on the ‘Net can create some interesting problems and dilemmas, consider this.

Daniel Anceneaux spent 6 months talking to the ‘girl of his dreams’ on a popular dating site in France. The women even emailed him poems and love messages.